Golden Week is a relaxing dessert from “Sumikko Gurashi” ♪

Bandai Candy Division offers chilled dessert “Sumikko Gurashi Rare Cheese Tart” with the motif of the popular character “Sumikko Gurashi” and Japanese sweets “Eat Mass Sumikko Gurashi” in Honshu and Shikoku (“Eat Mass”). It will be released sequentially at “AEON” and “AEON Style” stores (including Hokkaido).

In 2012, the character “Sumikko Gurashi” was born with the keyword “Here is Ochitsuku”. Not only cute, but a little negative and surreal characters and stories, and their world view attract not only children but also adults.

The tart of such a popular character “Sumikko Gurashi” is now available in a new design! This time, it is designed by Sumikko who play at Tapioca Park, and on the tart is a film with a cute design that they are enjoying at Tapioca Park. There are 6 types of film designs, and it is one of the pleasures to choose your favorite at the store, which design to use.

In addition, the tart dough contains a smooth rare cheese-flavored mousse. We are particular about the balance of sweetness and sourness, and the taste is perfect for a snack.

And “Eat trout Sumikko Gurashi” expresses “Shirokuma”, which is a lonely and lonely person, and “Penguin?”, Who is not confident that he is a penguin. Like the two characters who love Sumikko, it’s a cute product with a small appearance.

“Polar bear” is a white body with pink ears, and “Penguins?” Is a yellow-green body with white tummy, yellow legs and beak. As the name “Eatable Mascot” suggests, each charm point is expressed in a chubby “neri-kiri”, with both hands together in front of the body and standing in the dark with round eyes. ing.

While retaining the delicate taste of Japanese sweets, the bean paste inside is available in two flavors, a polar bear and an apple, which are associated with their color. You can enjoy not only the taste but also the appearance, and it is a photogenic product that makes you want to put two of them side by side in a photo.

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