Job offer: Design Engineer in Hashimoto with Micron

Job number 291683

Job Title: R & D ESD Design Engineer, Technology Development (TD)

The R & D ESD / Latch-up Design and characterization team in TD at Micron Technology, Inc. is seeking an experienced ESD Engineer with emphasis conducting ESD / LUP research and experiments to investigate how to design-in the best ESD and latch-up circuit solutions for memory designs.

Successful candidates for this position will have:

  • A strong experience of advanced semiconductor device physics, including deep submicron CMOS devices.
  • A good understanding of state-of-the-art CMOS process technology and electrical circuit analysis.
  • A solid knowledge of ESD circuit design and how they are applied to provide protection in advanced CMOS technologies.
  • Experience in Cadence design tools for design, layout and verification.
  • Hands on experience in ESD / Latch-up characterization tests using wafer level transmission line pulse (TLP) test equipment and semiconductor parametric analyzer, current and voltage meters.
  • Experience in waveform generators, oscilloscopes, source / measure units, Agilent and / or Keithley parametric analyzers / testers, and impedance analyzers.
  • Familiarity with ESD analysis tools like PERC or PathFinder or similar software tools.
  • Strong data analysis skills are required to extract the high current ESD properties and develops ESD / Latch-up design rules for critical ESD circuits.
  • Strong oral and written English communication skills is desired to provide ESD / LUP technical leadership with diverse worldwide teams in Design, Product Engineering, R & D characterization, and Quality Assurance.


An MS / PhD in Electrical Engineering, Microelectronics, or related discipline. BS + minimum of 5 years of relevant experience will also be considered. An ESD Certified Professional Design Certification from the ESD Association would be strongly desired.

Location: Location:

This position will be based in our Hashimoto site in Japan and will report into Technology Development (TD) organization.

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To request assistance with the application process, please contact Micron’s Human Resources Department 1-800-336-8918 (or 208-368-4748).

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