Rio Uchida’s 20’s Last Photobook Released, Exciting Lingerie “The Best Butt Cut Ever” Released[4 Photos]

A photo book containing Rio Uchida’s last gravure in her 20s will be released on June 23 (Wednesday). This time, comments and carefully selected cuts have arrived.

[Photo]Impact cuts of Rio Uchida’s photo collection, such as “the best butt in history” and “elbow boobs”[4 points]

Rio Uchida, an actress and model who is active in various magazines and television, including the women’s magazine “ar”. Although he started shooting the photo book with the theme of “childhood friend”, he said that the shooting team was controversial, saying “This is beyond the line ⁉︎”.

From the “elbow boobs” that you see twice involuntarily, to the crisp tomboy cut, to the appearance of an adult wearing a sex appeal at a hotel, the swing range is Everest class. Regarding this work, which will be the last photobook in his 20s, Uchida said, “This time it was a photobook supervised by’ar’, so I want to take a cute and plump gravure! Then, as soon as possible! Do what you want to do in your 20s. I put it in the photo book to keep it. It’s the last plump gravure. “

Regarding the finished product, he said, “I thought the swing width was amazing, from a tight swimsuit to a wet beige in a gravure-like bath, and underwear with an open butt (laughs).” , The skirt was turned over by the wind from the place where the finger of the machine where the ball came out was dried! Everyone was excited about the accidental underwear. It is also adopted in the photo collection. ” ..

He also said, “There are a lot of photos that are close to the buttocks, which is the best in Uchida’s history!” did.

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