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Dramas broadcast on TV may be rebroadcast after a certain period of time depending on popularity and audience rating. However, now that the video distribution service has been enhanced, it is very unlikely that it will be rebroadcast on TV unless it is very popular. If you want to watch “Guilty Akuma to Keijo” on your big screen TV, you can watch it right away using U-NEXT and an external device. With U-NEXT, you can watch “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”, which you do not know when it will be rebroadcast on TV, without waiting. Please take this opportunity to consider using U-NEXT.

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Synopsis / cast of U-NEXT official website “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

Title of work
Guilty Akuma to Kei

Kansai TV

Broadcast year

Number of stories
All 11 episodes

Theme song
JUJU “Stop this night”

Official site
Guilty Akuma to Keijo | Official Website

Guilty Akuma to Keijo | Wikipedia

Tomomi Okubo / Yuki Hirano

Nogami Meiko: Miho Kanno / Takuro Mashima: Hiroshi Tamaki / Mari Enomoto: Michiko Yoshise / Ryo Kadokura: RIKIYA / Shuhei Miwa: Moro Master Oka / Osanai Kotomi: Megumi Yokoyama / Ayano Yabe: Saori Takizawa / Kiichi Dojima : Toshiaki Karasawa / Chizu Nogami: Tayo Iwamoto / Takeshi Mizoguchi: Yuta Kanai / Yoshikazu Kitamura: Akira Hamada / Toshiya Suganuma: Kazuyoshi Haoka / Seiichi Matsunaga: Kenjiro Ishimaru / Fuminori Kanaya: Yuta Yamazaki

Synopsis of “Guilty Akuma to Keiki”

In order to clear the false charges of the past, the beautiful woman turns into a demon of revenge … Hunt down people, drive them to death, and drive them to ruin. And a disappointed detective chasing the woman, knowing that it is dangerous. The finest mystery that all people are involved in a fierce fate begins!Source: From “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

[Episode 1]The curtain of revenge opens!

A man jumped from an office building in Meguro, Tokyo and committed suicide. A woman with a dog, Meiko Nogami (Miho Kanno), leaves unknowingly from the noisy scene. One month later, Shuhei Miwa (Moro Morooka), the administrator of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1, disappeared. Takuro Mashima (Hiroshi Tamaki), a subordinate detective who started the search, meets Meiko who is in trouble because he cannot rescue the dog that fell into the gutter. Meiko is a trimmer who works at a pet salon, and the dog is said to have been taken care of by a customer. Majima scolded Meiko, who was upset, and rescued the dog. Soon after, a newspaper article reporting Meguro’s suicide was found in Miwa’s notebook. Majima reunites with Meiko, who was in charge of Miwa’s pet dog at the pet salon, while pursuing the relationship between the incident and Miwa. Meiko is kind and offers to take care of a dog that has lost her place due to the absence of her owner, but she has a different face.Source: From episode 1 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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[Episode 2]Abandon the demon of revenge, love

Majima (Hiroshi Tamaki), who learned that Meiko (Miho Kanno) was a suspect in a poisoning incident that occurred 15 years ago, began a personal investigation of her. Pretending to be a system engineer, he takes on the guidance of Meiko, who is not good at personal computers. One day, Meiko volunteers to visit a hospital and becomes friends with Misaki (Karen Miyama), a girl with a serious heart disease. On the other hand, he has begun to hunt down his next target, lawyer Seiichi Matsunaga (Kenjiro Ishimaru). Meiko learns that cheating is being carried out at Matsunaga’s office, and approaches the clerk Atsushi Tanabe (Masahiro Toda) and shakes it. At that time, Majima is informed by Ukita Hajime (Kotaro Yoshida) that Takeshi Mizoguchi (Yuta Kanai), who killed his junior Kota Yoshii (Naoki Kawano), has been acquitted. Colleague Kadokura Ryo (RIKIYA) ridiculed Kota that he was killed because he showed a chance to the criminal. Majima, who became crazy, hits Kadokura and is stopped by Mari Enomoto (Michiko Kichise).Source: From episode 2 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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[Episode 3]Drive-in / Unscrupulous Lawyer

Mari (Michiko Kichise), who was ordered by Ukita (Kotaro Yoshida) to monitor Majima (Hiroshi Tamaki), accepts this in exchange for certain conditions. On the other hand, Majima, who was investigating the “poisoned cake incident” 15 years ago, was told unexpectedly by Kiichi Dojima (Toshiaki Karasawa). At that time, there were rumors that there was a true criminal in addition to Meiko (Miho Kanno). At that time, Anne, who had refused to raise her child, began to attack her puppy and could not stay in the veterinary clinic where she had been entrusted. Majima offers to take over Meiko, who is worried about Anne who has lost her place. Meiko is pleased that Anne’s calm destination has been decided. Around the same time, a donor for heart transplant surgery was found for Misaki (Karen Miyama), the daughter of Matsunaga (Kenjiro Ishimaru). Matsunaga uses his position as a lawyer to work to speed up surgery. Meanwhile, Meiko, who was looking for an opportunity to drive Matsunaga into suicide, embarks on a plan.Source: From episode 3 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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[Episode 4]Those who have sinned me

The forensic person who was in charge of the case 15 years ago was Miwa (Moro Morooka). Mari (Michiko Kichise), who participated in the investigation, learns that Miwa was talking about Meiko (Miho Kanno) in a women’s prison that appeared before her disappearance. On the other hand, Mashima (Hiroshi Tamaki) focused on the trial because Matsunaga (Kenjiro Ishimaru), who died suspiciously, was a lawyer. I try to check the trial record of Meiko’s case … Meanwhile, Meiko set her sights on the president of the IT company, Fuminori Kanaya (Yuta Yamazaki), and was preparing for revenge. Meiko, who approaches Kanaya’s lover and talent Haruto Takahashi (Mayuko Iwasa), is in charge of trimming her dog, silk. He went to his condominium to take care of the silk and gained tremendous trust from Haruka. One day, a popular talent from a friend of Kanaya was arrested for stimulants. Haruka, who was informed by Meiko that Kanaya was also suspected of being a drug addict, was upset that she might be suspicious. Haruka Meiko proposes something.Source: From episode 4 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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[Episode 5]The true criminal is punished!

Meiko (Miho Kanno) took out IT company president Kanaya (Yuta Yamazaki)’s lover Haruka (Mayuko Iwasa) as a kidnapper. In addition, he threatened Kanaya and demanded 500 million yen. On the other hand, Majima (Hiroshi Tamaki), who rushes to Kanaya’s office, asks for a visit when Kanaya is in danger, but is driven away by the employee. Not knowing that he was involved in Meiko’s revenge plan, Haruka hid himself in a high-class elderly home where Kanaya’s grandmother Mie (Hiroko Kamioka) lived. Mari (Michiko Kichise) was frustrated by Majima, who was conducting an investigation alone. Mari, who wants to know Majima’s intention to approach Meiko, requests trial materials to investigate the case 15 years ago. At that time, Majima, who visited the pet salon to leave Anne, meets Meiko. However, Meiko, who had been moving away from Majima, couldn’t even make eye contact. Majima is such a Meiko …Source: From episode 5 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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[Episode 6]Love and love … shocking confrontation

Mashima (Hiroshi Tamaki), who witnessed Miwa (Moro Morooka) in front of the building where Kanaya (Yuta Yamazaki) was found dead, follows her whereabouts with Mari (Michiko Kichise), but cannot find a foothold. At that time, Ukita (Kotaro Yoshida) tells him that he will pursue Miwa as an important reference for the murder of Kanaya. Meanwhile, Meiko was shocked to learn that Majima was a detective. However, he welcomes Majima, who appears at the pet shop, as if nothing had happened, and invites him to a meal. Meiko sought out and thought that Majima knew about the incident, and had a complicated feeling. There was a black shadow that stared at the situation of these two people. The next day, Mari sees Dojima (Toshiaki Karasawa) as the next target for life and persuades him to protect him, but Dojima refuses. Soon, Dojima’s cell phone, which left the place, rang. Dojima, who suspiciously answers an unannounced call, is surprised by the voice he hears. That tone that blames me …Source: From episode 6 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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[Episode 7]A mystery that can be solved, to a new enemy

Meiko (Miho Kanno), who was told by the informant Dojima (Toshiaki Karasawa) that the revenge is over, knows the meaning by looking at the materials of the next target given. The man who attacked Meiko was Mizoguchi (Yuta Kanai), who was behind the scenes with Ukita (Kotaro Yoshida), who holds the real power of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1. Meiko, who thought that Ukita was using police power skillfully and was interfering with herself, decided to continue revenge with a certain plan in her heart. On the other hand, Mashima (Hiroshi Tamaki) was wondering from the phone of Miwa (Moro Morooka) that it was a police official who had driven Meiko into false accusations. Furthermore, during the investigation, I learned that Ukita was in charge of the case 15 years ago, and that he had made an unusual career in the wake of the case. Soon, Ukita secretly contacts Mizonokuchi … At that time, Majima got a call again from Miwa. Miwa, who summoned Majima to an unpopular place, reveals surprising facts about the incident 15 years ago.Source: From episode 7 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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[Episode 8]Confession of love, I am a murderer

The stabbed Miwa (Moro Morooka) died, and Mizoguchi (Yuta Kanai) escaped from the scene. However, senior police officers who learned of the connection between Mizonokuchi and Ukita (Kotaro Yoshida) concealed the facts. Miwa announces that he died in a gangster conflict. Mari (Michiko Kichise) who is not convinced continues the investigation. I learned that it was Meiko (Miho Kanno) who reported the incident to the police. Meanwhile, Mashima (Hiroshi Tamaki) was following Mizoguchi’s whereabouts. Masato Tsurumi (Kensei Mikami) is worried about Majima looking for Mizoguchi as if he was possessed by something because he couldn’t control his fierce anger at Mizoguchi. Mari suspected Meiko who was at the scene of the incident. Mari rushes to Meiko and asks her relationship with Mizonokuchi. However, I’m annoyed by Meiko who doesn’t try to tell the truth. At that time, Majima received a phone call from Mizoguchi. It was Meiko who rushed to Majima, who was surprised by Mizoguchi’s words that hinted at the next crime. And Majima who found Mizoguchi took out a pistol …Source: From episode 8 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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[Episode 9]Woman’s obsession, mastermind uncovered!

Senior police officers treated Mizoguchi (Yuta Kanai) as an accidental death. Mari (Michiko Kichise) learns that Mashima (Hiroshi Tamaki) was chasing Mizoguchi at the time of the incident, and is worried that Mashima may have killed Mizoguchi for revenge. Meanwhile, Majima visits Meiko (Miho Kanno) and tells her that she is responsible for endangering Meiko. At that time, Dojima (Toshiaki Karasawa) continued to stake out alone in front of a mansion, approaching the mastermind behind the incident 15 years ago. Dojima glares when Ukita (Kotaro Yoshida) is in this. Mari is suspicious of Majima and asks Majima about his involvement in Mizoguchi’s death. Majima confessed that he might have had it if he could kill Mizoguchi. The next morning, Meiko visits Dojima and eats into Dojima to find out the identity of the mastermind behind the incident, but Dojima refuses to teach. After that, Dojima visited a political reporter familiar with the publisher and showed him a photo …Source: From episode 9 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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[Episode 10]Finally appeared-The real face of the mastermind

Ukita (Kotaro Yoshida), who was arrested on suspicion of driving Dojima (Toshiaki Karasawa) into suicide, escaped. Meanwhile, Mashima (Hiroshi Tamaki) locks Meiko (Miho Kanno) in her condominium to stop her revenge, and Ukita promises to catch her. Meiko tries to find out what she left behind before Dojima died, but Meiko doesn’t say anything. In the first investigation section, Mari (Michiko Kichise) and Kadokura (RIKIYA), who are chasing Ukita’s whereabouts, were frustrated by the response of senior police officers who did not want Ukita to cover up the scandal. At that time, Majima appears, withdraws his resignation and joins the search for Ukita. After leaving the apartment, Meiko, who was at the pet salon, gets a call. The familiar voice that threatens Meiko … When Meiko, who was surprised by the words hinting at the attack on the pet salon, looked out, Ukita was standing in front of the store.Source: From episode 10 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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[Episode 11]I love you forever …

Meiko (Miho Kanno) approaches and threatens Jun Misawa (Shuji Kashiwabara) in order to achieve her final revenge. Prompt to meet certain conditions. On the other hand, Mashima (Hiroshi Tamaki) can see the contents of the USB memory that Meiko gave to Ukita (Kotaro Yoshida) from Mari (Michiko Kichise). It contained image data with a high school quasi-photograph with words foretelling revenge. Majima rushes to Misawa’s residence, but he gets paid in advance. At that time, a man who appeared suddenly handed Majima a digital camera of Dojima (Toshiaki Karasawa). Dojima left a message in the video to tell Majima the mastermind behind the incident he had caught. At that time, a car driven by a quasi-driving arrived at Misawa’s residence. Majima is surprised by Meiko coming down from the back seat. Meiko coldly told Majima that she had settled with the quasi by having her future life guaranteed, and disappeared into the residence.Source: From episode 11 of “Guilty Akuma to Keijo”

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