Naotaro Moriyama, the famous song “Sakura” is initially unresponsive Ogi Yahagi Ogi “Such a bad song”

Singer-songwriter Naotaro Moriyama made a guest appearance on the NTV music program “MUSIC BLOOD” (every Friday from 23:00), which was broadcast on the 30th. Naotaro Moriyama = When the famous song “Sakura” provided by NTV was completed, Moriyama thought somewhere in his heart, “I hope this song will become a standard song in spring.” However, it is said that Hiroaki Ogi, who was often immersed in the house at that time, said, “This kind of crappy song will never sell!”, And Moriyama himself did not feel any response at that time. “Once I realize that I hope the song will be something that everyone knows, I will definitely say what I want to achieve,” says Moriyama. From that flow, I talked to MC Kei Tanaka and Yudai Chiba about whether they actually said aloud if they had a dream or something they wanted to realize. Chiba said, “I didn’t like what I would say to your (Chiba) habit, so I didn’t say it, but there was no result of continuing to say it from a certain time. I challenged the musical. I wanted to do it, but I was happy that it was realized. I thought it really came true, “he said. On the other hand, Tanaka hesitates to say, “I don’t say this much,” but Chiba and Moriyama confess that if they confess this opportunity, it will put pressure on them, so it’s definitely better to say it. Tanaka said, “I hope people who always support me will be happy to see my work, and it will be a work that anti people will find interesting. That’s what I’ve always wanted, “he said. In response, Moriyama removed the ladder, saying, “I can often say that on national TV programs (laughs).” In the live part, Moriyama appeared in a pure white outfit with a performance of “SACRED LOVE”. At UNCUT, the lyrics of innocent love were sung with a clear and beautiful voice by playing strings and playing gently and moistly with an acoustic guitar.