Takuya Kimura “I was able to convey my passion as an artist,” recalls the radio talk with Takumi Kitamura.

Takuya Kimura’s TOKYO FM program “Takuya Kimura Flow supported by GYAO!” In the broadcast on April 25 (Sun), we answered the message sent by the listener.

From the listeners, we received many impression messages about the broadcast of Mr. Takumi Kitamura, who appeared as a monthly guest in April. On this day, I will introduce one of them.

◆ What was your impression of Takumi Kitamura during the three-week talk?

I listened to the talk with Takumi Kitamura, a monthly guest in April, every week. The story of spice curry other than work was impressive, and I thought it was a hobby, but it led to the story of songwriting, and I felt that he was a polite person. Also, the way the captain (* Kimura’s name in this program) was heard and the way he was tsukkomi were exquisite, and I was relieved that Mr. Takumi Kitamura’s personality was well communicated. Thank you for a good time (female 50 years old)

* * *

Mr. Kitamura said, “It was the toughest two days last year” about the downpour scene in the special drama “Kyojo II” (Fuji TV series) where the two co-starred for the first time. Regarding the impression he felt at the scene, Kimura recalls, “I was a person who was really serious about shooting at the shooting site, so I didn’t have many opportunities to chat or talk about unnecessary things.”

For that reason, “I was able to have a monthly guest come this time and talk about various things. It wasn’t until I actually talked about it that I was so excited about this !?” “I’m also doing things !?”, I felt like Takumi Kitamura’s personality understood that he could pick it up. “

He also touched on one side of Mr. Kitamura, who enthusiastically talks about his activities as DISH // and his vision for the future. I think I thought about it when I talked about it. Not only the actors, but also the enthusiasm of “I want to do various things!” Was transmitted very much, “Kimura said.

And in the talk about curry making, which is also Mr. Kitamura’s hobby, “I thought” I’m doing it so seriously !? “, but I didn’t think that songwriting and spice curry would be linked so much, so Whether you’re writing a song or cooking, do you have the impression that you really like creating? “

The next broadcast on May 2nd (Sun) will feature the movie soundtrack. Please look forward to it!

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