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Hulu Official Website About “Black Scandal” I want to watch “Black Scandal” videos for free now I want to see “Black Scandal” for the first time in a while I’m looking for a video site that is being distributed Free using the video distribution service For those of you who want to know if you can watch it on, we’ll show you how to watch “Black Scandal” videos for free right now. Conclusion: Hulu is the place to watch “Black Scandal” videos for free! From the conclusion,If you want to watch the “Black Scandal” video, we recommend watching it for free on Hulu’s[2-week free trial service].

List of video distribution services where you can watch this work for free

Delivery service name
Video distribution status
Free period etc.

Unlimited viewing

Free for 14 days 1,026 yen / month No points

Unlimited viewing

Free for 31 days ¥ 2,189 / month 600P


Free for 30 days ¥ 2,659 / month 1,100P

Amazon Prime Video

Free for 30 days 500 yen / month No points

No delivery

Free for 14 days 1,017 yen / month No points

No delivery

Basic free 0 yen / month No points

No delivery

Basic free 0 yen / month No points

No delivery

Free for 14 days 960 yen / month No points

No delivery

Free for 31 days 550 yen / month No points

Crank in!video
No delivery

Free for 14 days 1,650 yen / month 3000P grant
No delivery

Free for 30 days 1,958 yen / month 1,600P grant

No delivery

No free period 990 yen / month No points * The information in the table is as of May 2021. Please check each video distribution service for details. As I said in the conclusion,If you are new to Hulu, you can get a[2-week free trial service]So you can watch “Black Scandal” videos for free now. Hulu has the following services.

Free period
2 weeks

Monthly fee
1,026 yen (tax included)

Cancellation during the free period

Only compatible works are possible

Multi-device registration
Multiple possible

Video genre
Dramas, movies, anime, variety shows, etc.

Unlimited viewing videos
Over 70,000 works

If you cancel during the free period, Hulu will be able to watch “Black Scandal” videos for free without charge. If you want to watch “Black Scandal” videos for free now, please consider using Hulu.

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About rebroadcast of “Black Scandal”

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Program guide site list

NTV program guide

BS Nippon Television Program Schedule


Yahoo! TV.G Guide

Information on the TV rebroadcast of “Black Scandal” is not posted on the official website either. If you want to watch “Black Scandal” on your TV, prepare an HDMI cable that can be connected to your TV and use each video distribution service such as Hulu.

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Five Benefits of Watching “Black Scandal” Videos for Free on Hulu Official Website Hulu Watching “Black Scandal” videos for free on Hulu also has the following five benefits. There is a free trial period of 2 weeks (14 days) You can watch videos of masterpiece dramas that were broadcast on NTV as much as you want. You can watch the latest dramas and varieties that are being broadcast on NTV as much as you want. Anime, overseas dramas, and movies. The unlimited viewing download function has the advantage of being able to watch videos offline, so I will explain in detail.

There is a free trial period of 2 weeks (14 days)

Hulu has a 2-week free trial period only for first-time use.

The reason for the free trial is that Hulu wants people who are considering using Hulu to experience the benefits of the video distribution service.

When comparing Hulu with the quality, quantity, and usability provided by other video distribution services, a free trial period is set so that you can choose Hulu with a sense of conviction.

You can watch all-you-can-watch videos of masterpiece dramas that were broadcast on NTV.

The biggest feature of Hulu is that you can watch all-you-can-watch videos of masterpiece dramas that were broadcast on NTV.

Introducing some of the works that are being distributed as unlimited viewing videos, Red Eyes Surveillance and Investigation Team Parent Stupid Youth White Paper We are doing something less than Police Midnight Runner Tokyo Tarareba Musume Synchronous Sakura From today I am! !! Videos of these famous dramas are lined up on Hulu. In addition, many masterpiece dramas of the 90’s are also distributed. Watch these videos on Hulu and enjoy them by reminiscing about the time they aired and rediscovering the goodness of old classic dramas.

Unlimited viewing of the latest dramas and varieties being broadcast on NTV

Hulu is also actively overlooking and delivering the latest dramas and variety shows being broadcast on NTV.

You can watch the latest dramas immediately after the end of the broadcast, and you can watch a variety of programs for up to one year in the past.

Why don’t you try watching again on Hulu, such as works that you abandoned watching in the middle, or late-night variety shows whose viewing habits have been cut off due to changes in the environment and life.

Unlimited viewing of anime, overseas dramas, and movies

In addition to NTV dramas and variety shows, Hulu has unlimited viewing of anime, overseas dramas, and Japanese and Western movies. If you pay the viewing fee of 1,026 yen (tax included) for Hulu, you can watch everything except the works distributed in the Hulu store. There are more than 70,000 unlimited viewing works,The ever-popular “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and the anime “Anpanman” for young children are also being

You can watch videos offline with the download function

If you use Hulu’s pre-download function to save it on each device, you can immediately play “Black Scandal” videos even when you are offline.

If you download the video in advance, you can watch it even on an airplane where radio waves do not reach. It is highly recommended because you can watch it on the go without worrying about the amount of traffic on your smartphone.

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Hulu official website Hulu registration / cancellation procedure

[Hulu registration procedure]
[Hulu cancellation procedure]

Access the official Hulu website Tap “Try for free” on the upper right Fill in the required items Create an account Select a payment method Agree to the terms of use Registration completed Start playing the video you want to watch Log in to Hulu Tap “Owner profile” on the upper right ” Tap “Account” Tap “Cancel” “Continue cancellation” → “Apply” Cancellation completed

Precautions for cancellation during Hulu’s free trial period

If you cancel during the free trial period of Hulu and register again, the free trial period will not continue.
If you cancel by mistake, you will not receive support and the free trial period will not be extended. I will tell you two measures if you are worried about the cancellation date and time. The first is to set up a notification to yourself of “cancellation” using the remind function of your smartphone from 20:00 to 23:00, 14 days after you registered with Hulu. The second is to write it on a piece of paper and keep it in a place where you can see it on a daily basis. With these measures in place, you won’t have to pay for Hulu’s renewal fee, which starts on the 15th day.

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Synopsis / cast of Hulu official website “Black Scandal”

Title of work
Black scandal

Yomiuri TV

Broadcast year

Theme song (ED)
Gesu no Kiwami Maiden. “Doguman”

Official site
Black Scandal | Official Website

Official Instagram
Black Scandal | Official Instagram

Black Scandal | Wikipedia

Tomoharu Sato / Yoko Izumisawa

Arisa Yagami: Sayaka Yamaguchi / Jun Teshigawara: Masanobu Ando / Yuina Akutsu: Rena Matsui / Yoshito Mizutani: Tatsuya Wakaba / Yuma Inukai: Kanro Morita / Natsuko Kojima: Sara Ogawa / Miki Tazawa: Masumi Nomura Hirofumi Hasegawa: Shoichiro Tanigawa / Kenjiro Tanagi: Kazuki Namioka / Sophia: Emma Jasmine / Sara Fujisaki: Marika Matsumoto / Kengo Makida: Hitoshi Katagiri / Yuko Hanazono: Hiraiwa Paper / Jun Teshigawara

Synopsis of “Black Scandal”

A former actress who fell into hell at a false “apology interview” changes her face and stands on the stage of “vengeance” that swirls love and hate as an “entertainment manager”. 5 years ago. A false affair scandal without roots and leaves of popular actress Sara Fujisaki is reported. Of course, Sara tries to hold a press conference, but just before that, an actor who is supposed to be an affair partner suddenly appears at the press conference and admits the affair. Sara is annihilated from the entertainment world after the fierce flames and bashing of the world, and her mother suffers from her daughter’s scandal and dies herself.Source: From Hulu “Black Scandal”

【Episode 1】

5 years ago. Actress Sara Fujisaki (Marika Matsumoto) was made into a party to an affair scandal with no roots or leaves, and was forced to hold an unwilling false apology conference. Sara is banished from the entertainment world after receiving intense bashing from the world.Sara, who lost everything, transforms into another person named Arisa Yagami (Sayaka Yamaguchi) and begins to move to take revenge! Source: Hulu “Black Scandal” Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 1

[Episode 2]

Kenjiro Tanagi (Kazuki Namioka), an actor who will co-star with Yuina Akutsu (Rena Matsui), a signboard actress of “Fluorite”. Kenjiro was the one who admitted that he had an affair with Sara Fujisaki and pushed Sara into hell! Arisa Yagami (Sayaka Yamaguchi) approaches Kenjiro to take revenge. However, it was blocked by Kenjiro’s manager …Source: Watch videos for free on official distribution from episode 2 of Hulu “Black Scandal”

[Episode 3]

Kengo Makida (Jin Katagiri), the reporter of “Weekly Hoshiryu”, said that Arisa Yagami (Sayaka Yamaguchi) was in the shadow of the uproar caused by Hitoshi Goshikinuma (Yoshihiko Hakamada) and Kenjiro Tanagi (Kazuki Namioka). notice. On the other hand, in “Fluorite”, the pregnancy of Mika (Makoto Tanaka), a member of Milky Road for sale, is discovered! Arisa comes up with a way to protect Mika …Source: Watch videos for free on official distribution from episode 3 of Hulu’s “Black Scandal”

[Episode 4]

Arisa Yagami (Sayaka Yamaguchi) is discovered by Kengo Makida (Jin Katagiri), “You are the same person as Sara Fujisaki (Marika Matsumoto), and you are taking revenge five years ago.” On the other hand, Yuko Hanazono (Kami Hiraiwa) plans to scandal the past pillow business of Natsuko Kojima (Sara Ogawa) so that Arisa will not lose her position as chief manager.Source: Watch videos for free on official distribution from episode 4 of Hulu’s “Black Scandal”

[Episode 5]

Arisa Yagami (Sayaka Yamaguchi) and Yuko Hanazono (Kami Hiraiwa) are told by Tomokazu Teshigawara (Tsurutaro Kataoka) that the person who has taken the job of a commercial for a major company will be the chief manager. It is a commercial for a company run by Toru Kubotera (Hideyuki Kasahara), and the performers are said to be decided by the existence of Kubotera at the party surrounding Kubotera.Source: Watch videos for free on official distribution from episode 5 of Hulu’s “Black Scandal”

[Episode 6]

Yoshito Mizutani (Ryuya Wakaba) was arrested for Sophia (Emma Jasmine). In addition, Yuko Hanazono (Kami Hiraiwa) tries to grasp the weakness of Sophia and publish a nude photo book, and Sophia is cornered. Arisa Yagami (Sayaka Yamaguchi) plans to take revenge on such a garden, but she is betrayed by Kengo Makida (Jin Katagiri).Source: Watch videos for free on official distribution from episode 6 of Hulu’s “Black Scandal”

[Episode 7]

Arisa Yagami (Sayaka Yamaguchi) tells Junya (Masanobu Ando) that she intends to take revenge on Tomokazu Teshigawara (Tsurutaro Kataoka). Meanwhile, Joan D (Michael Tomioka), who will become the new president of Fluorite, tells the employees, “If I become president, both the talent and the manager will organize together,” and it is disturbing to “Fluorite.” The air is drifting …Source: Watch videos for free on official distribution from episode 7 of Hulu’s “Black Scandal”

[Episode 8]

Arisa Yagami (Sayaka Yamaguchi) is stunned by the news that Yuina Akutsu (Rena Matsui) and Jun Teshigawara (Masanobu Ando) have been engaged. Besides, Arisa is informed of the shocking fact from Yuina’s mouth. Meanwhile, Kengo Makida (Jin Katagiri) threatens Arisa to pay a fortune if she doesn’t want to be exposed as Sara Fujisaki.Source: Watch videos for free on official distribution from episode 8 of Hulu “Black Scandal”

[Episode 9]

Yuina Akutsu (Rena Matsui) said that Arisa Yagami (Sayaka Yamaguchi) was actually Sara Fujisaki in front of the media, and she resented her relationship with Junya (Masanobu Ando) and injured Yuina. I said it. Therefore, Arisa, who is chased by the media, decides to take responsibility and resign. Around that time, Yoshito Mizutani (Ryuya Wakaba) had an important video about his sister’s death.Source: Watch videos for free on official distribution from episode 9 of Hulu’s “Black Scandal”

【Final episode】

[Final story]Tomokazu Teshigawara (Tsurutaro Kataoka) committed suicide. When Arisa Yagami (Sayaka Yamaguchi) asks Jun Teshigawara (Masanobu Ando) about the truth about the death of Yoshito Mizutani (Ryuya Wakaba)’s sister, Junya admits, “Yes, I killed him.” After that, Junya decided to set up a new office. And Arisa stands up for true revenge … Source: Watch videos for free on official distribution from the final episode of Hulu “Black Scandal” (Sho Hibanno) While learning WEB marketing, you can utilize your writing and media management work to introduce better products and services to users. I will do my best.

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