The outdoor boom floods with pre-orders!Japan’s only long-established manufacturer “WINGED WHEEL” that continues to make “hurricane lamps”, the thoughts of the last craftsman in Japan

The TOKYO FM program “DUNLOP presents Mirai Zukan”, in which Miho Yoshida serves as a personality. Introducing “people, things, things” that we want to connect to children who will live on the earth 100 years from now, such as the beautiful scenery of Japan, traditions inherited in the region, and people who are active with aspirations. In the broadcast on Saturday, April 24, we talked to Yuka Bessho, a hurricane lamp craftsman, about “hurricane lamps.”

“Hurricane lamp” of “WINGED WHEEL”

A flame that does not go out even in a storm. The oil lamp named for that reason is the “hurricane lamp”.

Pour liquid candle oil into the lamp, and once it is lit, it will not go out for 6 to 7 hours and will continue to burn steadily.

The only company in Japan that makes such “hurricane lamps” is “WINGED WHEEL”, a long-established lamp manufacturer founded in 1924 (Taisho 13) in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture.

We stick to the old-fashioned manufacturing method, operate the press machine, make all the parts from a single tin plate, and assemble the lamp.

Old-fashioned discerning manufacturing method

The work process is about 300. Bessho, the last hurricane lamp craftsman in Japan, finishes all of this by himself.

“After all, the work of a craftsman is not only about reasoning, but also about being one with molds, machines, and so on. I always describe it as” getting along. ” But if you don’t have the feeling of working hard together, the machine won’t work as you think. “

Yuka Bessho, a hurricane lamp craftsman

It was Mr. Bessho’s great-grandfather who completed the “Hurricane Lamp” for the first time in Japan.

At that time, it was successful in exporting to countries all over the world, but the lamp culture declined with the passage of time, and the company went bankrupt in the days of his grandfather. From there, we made efforts to make a comeback and continue to make lamps that are the same as before.

“I think that if you keep thinking about it every day, the road will surely open up. When I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, the company went bankrupt once, and my mother and two of us So I tried my best to live. My mother restarted the company saying “I want to keep the technology” and I took over from there. I think I can definitely manage it no matter what. I have a great feeling that

A former work scene when “hurricane lamps” were mass-produced

The “Hurricane Lamp” of “WINGED WHEEL” has steadily increased the number of enthusiasts with the beauty and stability of flames that have not changed since its founding, and the attractive design that is familiar to the present age.

Due to the outdoor boom in the corona, pre-orders are currently flooding. It will take 5 to 8 years to get it.

Outdoor boom is a tailwind

How can we just leave the last Japanese lamp in the future?

Mr. Bessho’s thought that he puts everything there is inherited by the person who picked up the “hurricane lamp” and will continue to light the fire.

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