Variety from Osaka is the best in the world! International reputation in pursuit of ABC TV “What is the most interesting?”

ABC TV, which is good at making Japanese super variety shows, has finally jumped to the top of the world. He won the highest award in an international program contest. The title of the award-winning program is “Secret Game Show”. It’s a program that everyone in the know knows, but it was actually developed in collaboration with the American giant media company NBC Universal Group. Achieved a feat and organized a rebroadcast in Japan (May 1st 13: 28- * Kansai local, scheduled to be delivered until 15th on TVer). While booming toward global expansion, he hit the producer and director in charge. Recording of “Secret Game Show”

■ MC Takanori Jinnai “A broadcast accident may occur!”

“Anyway, I’m honored. I’ve verbalized the concept of Tsukkomi and how to take laughter so that people from overseas who have different comedy cultures can understand it, and I’m just pursuing what is the most interesting thing. It was rewarded that everyone worked hard to inflate their ideas and make a unique project. ”In response to this award, Doi, who belongs to the production department of the ABC TV Content Create Bureau, was in charge of directing. Director Chokei Sect said with deep emotion. The “Secret Game Show” features one employee who works seriously in the office. It’s an unusual reality show where you can laugh and enjoy the challenge of a “secret” mission with a prize of 1 million yen. The daily office suddenly became a venue, and the game ended immediately when it got caught in the surroundings. Of course, there is no pre-meeting at all. Since I don’t know what will happen, MC Takanori Jinnai refuses, saying, “A broadcast accident may occur!” It is a program that conveys the excitement that should never be revealed and the detailed ridiculousness that is typical of Japan, regardless of language. MC Takanori Jinnai in the spotlight Since its first broadcast in March 2020, it has been attracting attention at international industry business events as one of the programs that has the potential to become a global hit. Finally, the achievements will be made at the “International Format Award 2021” hosted by the world’s largest content industry media, C21 Media (UK), which was held online at midnight (Japan time) on April 13, this year. In the comedy category, which is one of the 11 categories of the award, the “Secret Game Show” won the highest award from six works nominated by Japan, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Originally, the award ceremony was supposed to be held at the venue in Cannes, France, along the Cote d’Azur (coast) overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, but unfortunately it couldn’t be beaten by the Corona. Even so, he was able to stand on the top of the comedy program on the world stage and share his joy with the members of the NBC Universal Format (hereafter, NBCU Format) of the NBC Universal Group, which he developed together.