What is the role of the”Internet Sharing” button in the Control Center? – Why can’t you ask me more about iPhone?

If you press and hold the area where the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth button is located in the upper left corner of the Control Center, a large vertical area will appear.It is an area used to turn airplane mode on/off and change the range of Airdrop, but it seems that it is not known how to use the”Internet Share”button in the lower right corner.

This “Internet Share” button is used when you turn on / off the ability to use your iPhone as a modem.When you tap the button, it turns green, the Wi-Fi you’re connected to is disconnected, and the status changes from undetectable to undetectable.

When the status of the button is detected, the iPhone will work as a Wi-Fi access point that uses the name of the iPhone(the name of the iPhone that can be set by Settings→Information→General→name)as the SSID.If you use a Wi-Fi device such as a personal computer and display the surrounding Wi-Fi access point, you should see the name of your iPhone.

This is called “tethering”, which allows Wi-Fi-enabled devices(which cannot connect to the mobile line on their own)to connect to the Internet using the mobile line of the iPhone.

However, this is an exception if the surrounding Wi-Fi-enabled device is an Apple product such as a Mac or iPad, and you are signed in with the same Apple ID as your iPhone.Whether the”Internet Share” button is on or off, you can start an Internet connection on your iPhone’s mobile line by operating the connection from your Mac or iPad.The only useful feature of this Apple product is called”Instant Hotspot”.

While the iPhone is tethering, the status field of the”Internet Share” button changes to “○connection”.Up to 5 devices can be connected to the Internet via iPhone, so it is useful when you want to use a PC or game machine in a place where there is no Wi-Fi.Note that tethering is an option for some communication carriers, and if you do not have a contract, the”Internet Sharing”button will not work.

What is the role of the”Internet Sharing” button in the Control Center?