Chinese role Toru Nomaguchi and Rie Tomosaka also participate in Ryo Kato’s “Nemesis”

A new cast of the NTV drama “Nemesis” (every Sunday from 22:30) starring actress Suzu Hirose and idol group Sho Sakurai has been announced. (From left) Ryo Kato, Sho Sakurai, Suzu Hirose = Anna (Hirose) of Nemesis, a detective agency provided by NTV, is addicted to Rinrin (Ayona Mishima), a nearby fusion restaurant Dr. Haotu. A mysterious dish that you bring. It is Ryo Kato who plays Ryo Kato, the Chinese shopkeeper who makes this. In the fifth episode, Amakushio (Tetsu Watanabe), who runs the aquaculture business of the brand fish “Tengu salmon” that Ryu has been trading for many years, fell from a cliff and died. Ryu, who was skeptical of his death, rushed to Nemesis. Team Nemesis and his group head to a village in the mountains where the tide family lives, where the “Tengu Legend” remains strong. There were three brothers, Ichiyo (Toru Nomaguchi), Niyo (Sasuke Otsuru), and Miyo (Kazuki Horike), Shio’s brother-in-law Hiroshi (Kiyohiko Shibukawa), and CEO Kurita at first sight. Ikuko (Tomosakarie), a beautiful younger brother who fell in love. The eldest son who had been clashing with his father, the second son who was trying to sell the land of the farm, the third son and her girlfriend (Sakurako Konishi) who were chased by debt, the younger brother of the tide who was violently stealing the company’s money, and the tide A beautiful younger brother who is a recipient of life insurance … Everyone had a motive for murder … In addition, Yoko Maki, who has already appeared in the role of Mizuho Kanda, who was involved in the “incident 20 years ago”, will reappear as “Nagisa Kanda” in two roles. The comments of the new cast are as follows.

■ Ryo Kato

Not only the gorgeousness of the cast, but also the screenplay was as big as “What !? This is a drama !?”, and I thought it was interesting to see a glimpse of a powerful scene. The setting that I was a Chinese and was in the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe is ridiculous, and I was wondering how much comedy should be approached, such as Chinese accents, and while asking the director, the character was gradually completed. There are also strange hand movements, so please pay attention to that as well.
Everyone is kind, so it was very easy to enter the site, and I think that kind of atmosphere is also appearing in the play. Episode 5 is a bit sad, but it also has a warmth, so I want you to feel that part.

■ Toru Nomaguchi

Read the script and frankly, it’s a mess! I thought. The role is a profession that I have never done, and the seasons and scenes are skipping, so I read the script over and over again.
This time we are talking about family love. I felt that my family had a quarrel because I was spoiled, and in the end, if something big happened, I would be close to them. I’ve recently become close to my parents at home, so I think it’s a story that everyone can understand that they really like it.
Everyone has their own things, and they come together because they like their dad, but it doesn’t work, and I can’t tell who they think because most of them are in the drama, but the other side that can be seen through is I hope you can see it!

■ Rie Tomosaka

I was reading the script as if I were a viewer. I heard the names of all the cast members, and I wanted to see them on the spot as soon as possible. Everyone who is not detective in a good way is charming and attractive, and it appears in the mystery solving scene, and I am looking forward to the completion myself. When I was appearing in “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo”, I was on location in such a remote place, there were many cuts of mystery solving scenes, and I remembered the time when there were many flashback scenes. I have received it. I remembered Ichi-chan’s lines, partly because of Mr. Sakurai’s deciding line (laughs). I think that the viewers can also see it while inferring that “this person is the culprit”.
By all means, Ikuko is a suspicious character and I think it is a rare type in the drama, but I would like you to look forward to that as well.

■ Kiyohiko Shibukawa

I felt that the tricks and incidents were also effective with the small story unique to Director Irie.
Everyone is suspicious this time, but it’s easy to think that an easy-to-understand character like yourself is just stirring. I want you to deduce who is the culprit.
The characters of the brothers are dark and the colors are nice. With three brothers, the youngest is the most naughty, the eldest son is serious, and the second seems to have no idea what he is thinking. I think it’s interesting that foreign substances like me get into it and it’s messed up in various ways. At the end, I think it’s a story of having the hope that the family will get to know each other and get together, or that they will get along well.