Daigo Nishihata starring in “Kotaro” spin-off “I’m said to be serious …”

Kansai Johnny’s Jr., Naniwa boy Daigo Nishihata starred in the spin-off work “Hanawa Sensei is half a serving !?” (5 episodes) of the TV Asahi drama “Kotaro wa Hitori Alone” (every Saturday from 23:30). It became clear that he would serve. The work will be distributed on TELASA for 5 consecutive weeks after the end of the main broadcast on the 22nd. “Hanawa Sensei is half a serving !?” (C) Tsumura Mami Shogakukan / TV Asahi / J Storm “Kotaro wa Hitori”, starring Daigo Nishihata, has the same name as Mami Tsumura, who has sold over 1 million copies. This is the first visualization of a popular comic, and is the first starring work of Kanjani Eight and You Yokoyama’s serial drama. It is a heart-full comedy that begins when a 5-year-old child, Kotaro Sato (Eito Kawahara), who lives alone, moves next to the unsold manga artist Susumu Kano (Yokoyama). Nishihata plays Keisuke Hanawa, a new teacher at the kindergarten where Kotaro attends. In the spin-off drama, there is an unknown past, such as the story of failure during the training period and the truth of the trauma that made me lose confidence because of the restrained affection of the mother who talks about everything she does. clearly. One of the highlights is the heartwarming interaction with Kotaro and kindergarten children. It’s surprisingly mature, but the wreath changes little by little by facing it seriously from the same perspective as Kotaro, who sometimes shows a childish side. It is a work that you can know all about “Wreath Sensei” which is full of cute charm by throwing everything. In addition, Kotaro, Maika Yamamoto’s cabaret girl Mizuki Akitomo, Kanako Momota’s lawyer Ayano Kobayashi, and Katsuhisa Namase’s squishy but child-loving Isamu Tamaru will also appear. ■ Comment by Daigo Nishihata

Hanawa Sensei is a role that is not often drawn in the original, so I am very grateful that the past of Hanawa Sensei is drawn in this spin-off, and I am honored to be able to play it. It’s good, isn’t it, spin-off (laughs). Kotaro-kun and the cast members of the main drama will also appear … If you think about it, it will be in the form of a starring role, but I have no consciousness of starring at all (laughs), and (spin-off) shooting is also done while shooting the main part, so it’s fun without worrying too much. I hope it can be done on site. Wreath Sensei is serious and loves children. But because of his seriousness, he spins idle … I’m still new, so I’m not used to it, but I’m really attracted to the fact that it has a solid core and has many aspects that I don’t have. I’m often said to be serious, but my personal life isn’t serious at all … I try to be a little firm only when I work! (Laughs) Kotaro is really cute ~ (laughs). (Kawahara) Eito-kun, who plays the role of Kotaro, makes me grin unintentionally (laughs). I can hide the rehearsal because I wear a mask, but I can’t hide the actual performance, so I’d like to do my best without grinning.