“Dragon Zakura” “Todai Senka” started and an incident broke out !? Also pay attention to Yurina Hirate’s badminton appearance

The second episode of the TBS Sunday Theater “Dragon Zakura” (every Sunday from 21:00) starring Hiroshi Abe will be broadcast today. Scene photo of the second episode of “Dragon Zakura” The new era “University of Tokyo Senka” has finally started. A special class, the University of Tokyo Senka, was established at Ryukai Gakuen with the aim of advancing to the University of Tokyo. Chairman Kumiko (Noriko Eguchi), who does not like the establishment of Senka and Sakuragi (Hiroshi Abe)’s method, stabs the vice-principal plateau (Mitsuhiro Oikawa) so as not to cause any further problems to Sakuragi. Kaede (Yurina Hirate), a member of the badminton club, was cornered in front of an important tournament recommended by the university. The reason why I didn’t feel well was that Sakuragi saw shoplifting at a convenience store. Sakuragi just tells Kaede that “you can’t do the tournament.” On the other hand, following Amano (Seishiro Kato) who has a feeling of inferiority to his younger brother, Nao (Sara Minami) who is tired but wants to change himself also comes to the University of Tokyo Senka. Mizuno (Masami Nagasawa) is delighted to join the two, and immediately conducts an academic ability test … An incident broke out in the classroom of the University of Tokyo Senka that finally started to move !? This work is a sequel to the story 15 years after “Dragon Zakura” broadcast in 2005, and was serialized in the weekly manga magazine “Morning” by Norifusa Mita. Based on “Dragon Zakura 2” by. Kenji Sakuragi (Abe), a former runaway lawyer who produced successful applicants from the University of Tokyo from Ryuyama High School, which is on the verge of bankruptcy and has a low deviation value in the previous work, is a former student aiming to rebuild Ryukai Gakuen on the verge of bankruptcy with a deviation value of 32. Together with Naomi Mizuno (Masami Nagasawa), a lawyer who works with her, she depicts her struggling to pass the students to the University of Tokyo. Hirate was instructed by Ayane Kurihara, who has a history of participating in badminton doubles at the Rio Olympics, in playing the top badminton player in Japan. Don’t miss the splendid badminton figure of Hirate who is well coached. Also pay attention to the big skill that Kurihara admired. (C) TBS