Glitter ☆ Unforent, Makiho Tatsuya, voice of “cute is overflowing” in a sexy swimsuit shot

Glitter ☆ Unforent’s master Makiho Tatsuya updated Instagram on Friday, 30th. The shooting off-shot of “BUBKA” (Byakuya Shobo) has been released.

[Photo]Makiho Tatsuya’s swimsuit off-shot, “It’s a complete surrender” for its beauty

Makiho Tatsuya, who graduated from the national idol group last year and started working as a center for the idol group “Glitter ☆ Unforent” in January this year. On April 9th ​​(Friday), the first digital photo book “Restart” will be released and attract attention.

Tatsuya appeared on the gravure page of “BUBKA” released on the 28th. On Instagram, he showed off various shooting off-shots, from beautiful cleavage shots to sexy red swimsuits.

Fans commented on this post, such as “It’s full of cuteness,” “It’s a complete surrender,” and “It’s grinning.”

[Read together]Glitter ☆ Unforent, Makiho Tatsuya, beautiful bust swimsuit shot full of fresh charm released

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