Kei Tanaka apologizes to senior Shun Oguri for over 15 years “In my heart all the time …”

Kei Tanaka will appear in “The Best Restaurant in Life” (TBS, every Saturday from 23:30) broadcast on May 1st. It became a hot topic on the Internet that he apologized to Shun Oguri, a senior at the office.

Koji Kato is the MC, Wakako Shimazaki is the proprietress, and Meg Ugajin announcer is the assistant. The program is a gourmet talk variety that delves into the lives of guests from the topic of food and approaches their true face and charm. Kendo Kobayashi also appeared as a regular customer.

Tanaka, who introduced “Mizutaki”, which is expensive and delicious, and longed for entertainers, was co-starred by King Kong’s Akihiro Nishino when he was in his twenties when he finally quit his part-time job and was able to eat with just one actor. He explained that it was a restaurant that took him to him, and expressed his feelings at the time, saying, “It’s a celebrity-like restaurant. I want to be able to eat rice in such a place.” The soup is delicious, so I didn’t want to dilute it even a little, so I dared to pull out the vegetables and explain how to eat it with just the soup and chicken. That’s what happened, “he confesses honestly.

When asked by Kato, “Did you originally go with juniors and staff?”, Tanaka said, “In the old days,” he refused even if invited by staff and seniors. He explained the reason, “It looks like he’s flirting,” and prefaced it with “I’m really bad at saying it, but do you dare to say it?” And then came out saying, “Shun-kun was that type.” Nowadays, I understand the importance of communication outside the field, but at that time, he recalled that he was contrarian, saying, “I don’t know that actors can talk to the director outside the field.” It is now revealed that it is now possible to say, “If you read a book, let’s have a drink.”

Kato, who advised me, “Did you understand the meaning of Shun-kun?” Asked Tanaka, “Why don’t you apologize properly?” I’ve been with Shun for about 21 years. I admire and respect him as a really good senior. Fifteen or six years ago, I often go drinking with the staff happily. I’ve always thought “Dasee” in my heart. At that time, I really regret how shallow and lacking a man I was. I should have learned from that time. Let’s go drinking together. I’m sorry, “he apologized through the screen.

On the Internet, Tanaka’s words and deeds, which he made a sincere apology, became a hot topic, even though Oguri himself did not know, such as “Apology”, “Seriously”, and “Too honest” for a proper apology to Oguri.

Next time it will be broadcast on May 8th. Chocolate Planet (Shohei Nagata, Shun Matsuo) will appear as a guest.