“Rough stones from a young age” Nozomi Sasaki talks about “too beautiful girl” in elementary school photos

Actress Nozomi Sasaki updated Instagram on Saturday, 1st. He has released photos of his elementary school days, which has attracted a lot of attention.

[Photo]”This beauty in elementary school” Nozomi Sasaki’s photo in elementary school

This time, Sasaki posted a photo of his elementary school days, saying, “When I was in elementary school, with my best friend.” He showed off two shots with his best friend with a crown made of origami.

Not to mention the cute looks that retain the remnants of what they are today, many people were surprised by the small face that was as good as a model from around this time.

In the comment section, there was a flood of acclaimed comments such as “this beauty in elementary school”, “raw stone from a young age”, and “too beautiful girl”. As of midnight on the 2nd (Sun), the number of likes exceeds 117,000.

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▽ Nozomi Sasaki
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