43 years old, long-term care worker.I want to build a 1LDK of about 6 million yen on the premises of my parents’ house

◆ No plans to get married. Care workers.Next year, I plan to build a house on the premises of my parents’ house.
The name “Money Plan Clinic” is the answer to your household concerns.

The counselor this time is a 43-year-old long-term care worker who plans to build a house on the premises of her parents’ house next year. Mr. Yasuhiko Fukano, a financial planner, will give you advice.

◇ Consultant
Yukino Sasaki (pseudonym)
Female / office worker / 43 years old
Kanto / rented house

◇ Family structure
Living alone

◇ Consultation content
He is single and has no plans to get married. Care workers. Next year, I plan to build a house on the premises of my parents’ house. Therefore, I plan to retire from my current workplace in March next year and look for a workplace near my parents’ home with the same annual income as the current one. Fixed deposits are 700,000 yen, foreign currency deposits are 20,000 yen, and others are ordinary deposits.

I’m planning to build 1LDK for about 6 million yen on the premises of my parents’ house. I didn’t live in my room at my parents’ house and built a hanare because I didn’t want to accumulate mental stress, so I wanted to keep a certain sense of distance.

Savings are increasing and decreasing. I would like to know how to increase money such as investment, time deposits, and foreign currency deposits. Since I am a lesbian, I can have a partner, but I cannot get married legally, so I cannot receive various assistance.

◇ Household income and expenditure data
Yukino Sasaki’s household income and expenditure data is as shown in the chart.

◇ Supplementary household income and expenditure data
(1) About income and expenditure
The difference between spending including monthly savings minus income is 22,000 yen, but 2000 yen is a tansu deposit, and 10,000 yen out of 20,000 yen is Japan Post Bank (birthday gifts for parents and uncles) (Refund when necessary as a Christmas present), put the remaining 10,000 yen in another wallet as a reserve fund, and deposit the surplus.

(2) About housing expenses
My brother built a house about 30 minutes by car, so my parents’ house may be inherited by me.

(3) About vehicle costs
Currently, I don’t own a car, but when I return to my parents’ house, I can’t live without a car, so I’d like to buy a new one.

In addition, the 3000 yen entered as the vehicle cost is the monthly return home fee to the parents’ house. 10,000 yen is a PASMO charge, and the remaining 2000 yen is paid in cash because PASMO etc. cannot be used on routes.

(4) About insurance
・ Person / individual annuity only = monthly insurance premium of 30,000 yen
・ Person / Prefectural Mutual Aid = Monthly insurance premium 4000 yen

(5) Main uses of bonuses
For 4 parents and 4 aunts, 10,000 yen each for a total of 40,000 yen x 2 times. Pocket money for yourself 30,000 yen (annual clothes fee comes out from here) x 2 times. Others are savings.

(6) About your place of employment
The retirement allowance is about 100,000 yen if you work for 12 months.

(7) About pension
The latest data has already been shredded, and when I searched for past data, the amount received as of 2012 was 418,100 yen per year. The age at which the recipient starts is unknown.

The individual pension is as follows.
・ A Life …… Pay 10,000 yen every month. Receive 855,400 yen every year for 5 years from the age of 65
・ B Life …… Pay 20,000 yen every month. Receive 851,100 yen every year for 10 years from the age of 60

◇ Three advices from FP Yasuhiko Fukano
Tip 1: If you’re building a house, start designing your house right away and apply for a mortgage
Advice 2: If you have the same income as you are after changing jobs, there is no problem at all.
Advice 3: When you’re calm, use iDeCo to study asset management

◆ Advice 1: If you want to build a house, immediately proceed with the design of the house and apply for a mortgage.
I don’t know why Yukino-san can build a house on the premises of his parents’ house, but it may be due to circumstances. If that is a decision, you should apply for a mortgage immediately.

It is said that you will change jobs in March next year, but if that happens, there is a possibility that the loan examination will not pass. I don’t think there is a problem with income, but if you have been working for a short period of time, you may be asked for a resume.

However, if you just changed jobs, that may be difficult. It is better to apply while you are at your current workplace.

In addition, documents such as building design documents and building confirmations are also required for loan examination, so I think you should prepare them from now on. From the point of view, I think it’s better to wait for a job change until the house is completed, but if you have a fixed time to change jobs, take action early, such as mortgage loan examination and house design. Please.

◆ Advice 2: If you have the same income as you are after changing jobs, there is no problem at all.
First, let’s estimate how Yukino’s household budget and savings will change by building a house of 6 million yen.

Since my current savings are 1.06 million yen, I will not use it as a down payment, but will borrow the entire 6 million yen mortgage. The monthly repayment amount is about 28,000 yen when calculated with a repayment period of 20 years (payment is 63 years old), an interest rate of 1.3%, and a fixed interest rate.

Even if you decide to use your own car loan when you buy a car after moving, if you pay the purchase price of about 10,000 yen, the total loan will be 38,000 yen, which is almost the same as the current housing cost. You can do it.

In order to continue saving, Yukino-san does not have many items that can be reduced by the household budget, so I would like the loan repayment amount to be about the same as the current housing expenses.

When it comes to building a house, for the time being, various expenses such as moving costs and replacement of furniture and home appliances will be incurred, and I think that I will not be able to save as much as I want for about a year, but I think that is fine.

If you can earn the same amount of income after changing jobs, you can save 35,000 yen monthly, 400,000 yen as a bonus, and about 800,000 yen a year, so you can save about 1,280,000 yen in 16 years until you are 60 years old. can do. In addition, Yukino will receive a total of about 1,280,000 yen from individual annuity insurance, and the public pension will be higher than currently expected, so it can be said that there will be no problems in life after the age of 60.

◆ Advice 3: When you are calm, use iDeCo to study asset management.
Even now, we should be able to save 800,000 yen a year, but for some reason it seems that the situation has continued to be difficult to increase due to repeated withdrawals.

I don’t know if you are aware of the cause, but when you look at the text, you can see Yukino-san’s kindness by giving gifts and giving pocket money not only to his parents but also to his relatives. It seems that you have set an upper limit, but are you helping or making money if there is something?

It’s important, but I’m very worried that my monthly living expenses and insurance are not wasted, and that the bonuses aren’t being used for travel or personal enjoyment.

If you can save 800,000 yen a year, otherwise, I would like you to use the bonus for your own enjoyment.

Another thing is that if you want to save and withdraw, you should use iDeCo (Individual Defined Contribution Pension) for half of your savings. Profit during operation is tax exempt, premiums can be fully deducted from income, and there is a tax incentive when receiving. As a general rule, withdrawals can only be made after the age of 60, so you can leave money as retirement funds.

Since the premium can be fully deducted from income, it also leads to reduction of income tax and residence tax.

In the case of Yukino, even if you borrow a mortgage, you may not be able to use the mortgage deduction (there is a condition that the floor area is 50 square meters or more, depending on the size of 1LDK), so what can be used under the public system How about using it for advantageous asset management?

It is GOOD that deposits are made through online banks. After that, if you can utilize iDeCo, that is enough. You don’t have to deal with other investment products.

New construction of a house, change of job, etc. overlap. Please take a break from time to time so as not to accumulate stress. Work hard.

◆ Impressions from the counselor “Yukino Sasaki”
Dr. Fukano’s diagnosis showed that there was no waste in living expenses, and I was very relieved. Also, I noticed it for the first time when I was told, but I have to save money for my old age …! I wasn’t thinking about making my own fun.

As the teacher pointed out, I lost my savings due to a simple remodeling of my parents’ house, but I think it was a good opportunity to realize that it is necessary to draw a certain line, and the teacher said, “Please do your best. Tears came out in one word.

It was good to ask for a diagnosis, considering not only the financial aspect but also the feelings of the counselor! I thought.

I decided to put into practice what I received, so I applied for a loan examination today! While googled about iDeCo, I requested some materials, so I will study now. Thank you very much for your kindness and words. Thank you very much for taking up my consultation.

The one who taught me … Mr. Yasuhiko Fukano

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Interview / text: Kanako Ito

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