Corona wreck accelerates robot adoption in retail industry

One of the notable trends that has emerged during the pandemic of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is that automation technology is becoming more accepted by previously uninterested people. .. Especially in the retail industry, the progress of automation is accelerating, including robotics, which is expected to be rapidly introduced in the next few years.
A recent study by RetailWire and Brain Corp, an artificial intelligence (AI) company that creates core robotics-related technologies such as cleaning robots, shows that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the progress and adoption of automation. It is a content that supports the knowledge that it was. Robots used for tasks such as cleaning floors and checking shelves in stores and warehouses have recorded strong sales, and views among retailers generally support their adoption. The results of the survey are included in the online executive summary “Robots in Retail: Examining the Autonomous Opportunity.” One of the most important results is that 64% of retailers consider it important to develop a robotics automation strategy in 2021, which is clear, actionable and even budgetary. That’s right. That’s 77% of the major retailers. These numbers are notable given that robotics was not emphasized in the retail industry until very recently, the 2010s. Nearly half of respondents say they will be involved in in-store robotics projects within the next 18 months. Josh Baylin, Senior Director of Strategy at Brain Corp, said, “The global pandemic has brought many retailers to the forefront of the value of robotics-based automation and deployed to take advantage of it in the future. “It looks like we’re accelerating our schedule,” he said. “Autonomous robots can help keep stores clean, give employees more time, and improve the customer experience in the store.” It’s a capable productivity partner. ”