Introducing Kei Tanaka, “No. 1 actor with beautiful nakedness”, how to train and exercise!

Kei Tanaka will appear in the “Shabekuri 007” part of the broadcast “One Minute Deep Good Story That Changes Your Life x Shabekuri 007 Combined SP” from 21:00 on May 3rd (Monday).

On this day, in addition to challenging the members in the “horizontal thinking quiz” that they are having fun with their daughter, we will introduce how to train Tanaka who won the first place in the “naked beautiful actor ranking” and simple exercises.

The plan is that Tanaka likes spicy foods, so dishes that are not on the app “Spicy Meter” that introduces spicy gourmet foods have appeared in the studio. Tanaka, Cream Stew, and Teppei Arita will sample.

Ryoko Yonekura appeared in the previous broadcast. Yonekura, who has also been a president since last year, talks about the stress and suffering. Also on this day, a confrontation project “Ultimate Mental Martial Arts Strike” with Shabekuri members was held. Kosuke Suzuki, who has a connection with Yonekura, appeared as the moderator, and it was a lot of excitement.