Job offer: Assistant in Tokyo with Hyatt

Company Overview:

Aiming to be “the best hospitality company in the world”

Mori Building Hospitality Corporation sincerely responds to the needs of each and every customer.

At the same time as thoroughly pursuing the provision of high-quality services, we will focus on the “people” that form the basis of hospitality.

Through the growth of each and every employee, we will continue to evolve with the aim of becoming the “best hospitality company in the world.”

We aim to be one and only enterprise in the hospitality field

Mori Hospitality Corporation is sincerely committed to understanding the needs of each and every one of its customers, and to the rigorous pursuit of high-quality services. At the same time, we focus on people, who are at the fundamental root of all hospitality services , and we are constantly evolving—through the growth and development of our employees—with the aim of being the world’s best hospitality company.

Job Title: Deputy Director of Information Systems
-Information Systems (IT) Deputy Director Class Wanted!

Job Summary:

The Deputy Director of IT is responsible for overseeing all technology systems associated with all of our managing properties including Grand Hyatt Tokyo, ANDAZ Tokyo, Roppongi Hills Club, ARK Hills Club & Hills Spa. This role ensures that the implementation and maintenance of all IT systems He or she will lead IT shared service group coincides with the business strategies of Hyatt and Mori Hospitality. He or she will be responsible for procuring, installing, maintaining, repairing, therefore and troubleshooting equipment and software necessary for the operation of all technology systems. In addition, provides sincere service through actions that display self-confidence, grace and courtesy to guests and colleagues.


This position oversees system technology at all offices within Mori Building Hospitality Corporation, including Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Anders Tokyo, Roppongi Hills Club / Ark Hills Club, a membership restaurant, and Hills Spa, a membership spa and fitness. It will be a position to do.

You will be responsible for building and maintaining all IT systems based on our and Hyatt business strategies while procuring, installing, maintaining, repairing, managing and troubleshooting all equipment and software associated with all in-house technology systems. ..

As the person in charge of the shared services department (Information Systems Group) that oversees the IT of all business sites, it is necessary to cooperate with both the corporate IT team and the IT person in charge at each site, and in addition to the requests of customers and employees. On the other hand, sincere and sincere attitude and confident behavior are required.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Main business content:

1.) Lead and Manage the IT shared service group to answer the needs of Grand Hyatt Tokyo, ANDAZ Tokyo, Roppongi Hills Club, ARK Hills Club & Hills Spa.

・ Manages a team to prioritize work while maintaining a customer service focus.

・ Oversees the recruitment and selection of all group employees.

・ Provides appropriate training, coaching and mentoring for all group employees.

・ Performs annual appraisal for all group employees.

-Develops and implements plans, procedures, and documentation.

-Manages vendors for hardware / software or service implement and delivery.

· Works with Hyatt IT team or certified third-party vendors for new corporate projects.

・ Maintains complete and accurate software / hardware inventory.

・ Prepares and implements the annual IT budget.

・ Provides technical assistance and advice to hotel management.

・ Provides technical assistance to internal or external IT audit employees.

2.) Hands on role in maintaining all IT infrastructure

-Network, WIFI, Servers, Interfaces, directories: Ensures acceptable performance in computing and network systems.

・ Oversees all compliance efforts related to PCI, performs vulnerability assessments as required as well as all necessary remediation.

-Provides end user support for desktop and network related problems –Sets up computer software and hardware for new / existing staff –Sets up and maintains all user account and computer configurations.

-Monitors server performance, disk space, error logs, and backups of critical systems –Maintaining system backups and verifies disaster recovery plan is current and effective.

· Ensure availability of all software 24/7 to answer business needs (interfaces, PMS response time) – trouble shoot as needed, and improve performance.

・ Provides on-call service for emergency system support.

3.) Long term implementation / Compliance / Project as directed by corporate and local needs or arising from technology changes

・ Evaluates property needs and technologies that can provide solutions.

・ Provides leadership in setting the overall technical vision of Hyatt and Mori Hospitality.

・ Works effectively with other Department Heads and Managers to ensure related systems are functioning properly.

・ Ensures that the properties are in complete and current compliance with all applicable laws, statues and requirements related to systems, software and hardware, safety and users.



Qualification requirements:


・ College degree in IT or similar field.

・ 3-5 years prior IT management experience in large network environment.

・ Expertise in AD, Hyper-V, WAN and LAN troubleshooting and administration.

・ Excellent communication skills and attention to detail.

・ Strong organizational and time management discipline.

・ Solid judgment and ability to resolve conflicts effectively.

・ Operate effectively in stressful situations.

・ Has the ability to resolve complex problems and quickly find solutions.

・ Is able to communicate clearly in Japanese and English verbally and in writing.

・ Is a team player and interacts with all guests and fellow associates in a positive and friendly manner.

・ Is initiative and motivating as group leader.


・ Hotel technology support experience.

・ PMS and POS system support experience.

・ IT degrees such as Security + or MCSE.


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