Kei Tanaka “Tao Tsuchiya is super strong when not talking” Demonstrate your physical ability in the game !?

Kei Tanaka, Tao Tsuchiya, Atsushi Maeda, and Nao Kosaka (Hinatazaka46), who are appearing in the movie “Hinomaru Soul-The Heroes Behind the Scenes” (coming soon), will be broadcast on the 4th. Guest appearance on the variety show “Otraction” (every Tuesday from 19:00 to 20:00). From the left, Maeda Go Atsushi, Kei Tanaka, Tao Tsuchiya, Nao Kosaka The program is a variety of “sound games” where team battles are held with attractions that make full use of “sound” and “rhythm”. The guest team will compete in various music games with the attraction team including Takanori Nishikawa who is the MC and Shimofuri Myojo. A glimpse of the serious and playful faces of the performers who challenge the attractions with all their might. This time, the gorgeous performers of the movie “Hinomaru Soul-Behind the Scenes Heroes-” will appear as guests. Leader Tanaka, Tsuchiya, Maeda, and Kosaka will challenge the sound game attraction. The Hinomaru Soul Team has high expectations for sound and rhythm, with Tanaka, who has experience as a singer in the name of the cast, and Kosaka, an active idol. Ryuji Akiyama (Robert), Ahn Mika, Meru Nukumi, and Roy are gathered in the “Otraction” team that welcomes such a strong enemy. Tanaka and Kosaka challenge the “pitta singer” who competes to sing the last phrase at the right time by singing the rhythm with his own sense in karaoke that becomes silent in the middle of the song. “I can’t lose!” Tanaka went up to the stage. After singing, when asked if he was confident, he said “It’s warm!”, But the unexpected result was …!? And can Kosaka show his will as an idol who sings and dances? Please pay attention. In addition, the “Onomatopoeia Circuit” is where you get on the onomatopoeia and guess the onomatopoeia and onomatopoeia of the subject in the photo according to the rhythm. This game is surprisingly difficult to answer onomatopoeia instantly because you are distracted by the rhythm. Those who fail are exposed to an incredible “blast” as punishment. It was Tanaka, Tsuchiya, and Maeda who challenged this. Someone out of the three was baptized by this blast and was in a ridiculous state. A shocking scene that may never be seen again. In addition, Tsuchiya participated in “Rhythmin Touch,” in which 12 drums arranged in an analog clock shape are touched according to the rhythm of a popular song. Enthusiastic “I want to go to win” and challenge DA PUMP’s “USA”. Before the challenge, Tsuchiya said, “Tao Tsuchiya is super strong when he doesn’t speak,” he said. Can Tsuchiya make use of his physical ability from a physical education university to capture a fast-paced dance number !? (C) TBS