Kurt Cobain’s “Last Photo of Life” Goes to Auction

An iconic photo of the now-deceased Nirvana frontman will be put up for auction from May 3rd, US local time.

A leopard print jacket, a boyish trapper hat, and a white-framed Jackie O sunglasses—close your eyes and you’ll be able to imagine them clearly. It’s true that all of these items belong to Kurt Cobain, but he looks a little different depending on the angle. Perhaps that’s because he, the subject, had a fiery personality. It burned brightly and vividly only when it wasn’t chaotically swaying or fighting desperately to disappear.

Soon Nirvana enthusiasts will be able to see up close the intimate moment of the last official photo shoot that took place before the band’s frontman died. The filming took place in the spring of 1994, just months before Coburn’s death.

Photographer Jesse Flowman launched an auction site on April 28, local time. On Floman’s site, more than 100 photos taken in the camera during his last photo shoot with Coburn, which he calls “The Last Session,” will be on sale for NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Flowman told the magazine that some of the photos presented this time are unpublished, as some contact sheets and negative films have never been scanned. As of noon on April 28 (Eastern Standard Time), anyone can view thumbnail images from the site, but only the winning bidder can get a high-quality version.

The auction starts at noon on May 3rd (Eastern Standard Time) and ends at 6pm on the 7th. The starting price for the one-of-a-kind piece is set at 27.27 ETH (Ethereum), given that Coburn passed away at the age of 27. At the time of this article’s publication, this amount is equivalent to $ 72,000.

“Everyone was doing one photo here, another photo there, three shots here, and so on, so I wanted to do something that no one had ever done.” Froman said that 104 photos were put together as one NFT product. “This is a special thing that can never be done again.” Froman takes the last photo shoot with Coburn as a historic moment and takes it for granted that he will receive the appropriate evaluation. With the ever-changing energy of Coburn, watching all the photos at once is like watching a movie. “It’s like film studies,” Froman said.

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The only way to get these unpublished photos is to buy a full NFT named “The Last Session”. But there are other more affordable options available. The starting price for Coburn’s quadruple photos, which feature a total of 10 unique colors named “Nevermind Editions,” is 2.7 ETH, about $ 7,000. Froman himself has a huge physical version of one of the pieces framed, and when he responds to our interview with the video conversation app, he can see it hanging on the wall of the living room. “Actually, Miley Cyrus bought a piece of the same size,” says Flowman.

The most affordable items at this auction are a total of 20 types (1 type / 5 points), including a portrait of Coburn, which also features a unique color, and a three-shot photo of Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. “In Utero Editions”. If you click “Buy Now”, you can make a successful bid for 1 ETH (about $ 2,600 / about 280,000) as soon as the auction starts.

© Jesse Frohman

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the JED Foundation. The JED Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes suicide prevention and well-being in the minds of American teenagers. When asked if the proceeds would be distributed to Coburn’s estate and the existing members of Nirvana, Froman replied that he had not made such an arrangement. However, Coburn’s estate said it had a complete picture of the project and was already working with the JED Foundation.

While Froman is accustomed to selling his work through galleries and third parties, he has never sold it directly to collectors. That’s why he says he’s excited about this NFT auction. “Sometimes celebrities or someone asks me directly, but most of them have nothing to do with my connection,” he says, saying that NFTs have brought “a different life” to their work. .. “I especially see Kurt as a kind of idol. Can I call it a hero in the crypto world? Cryptocurrencies love to resist existing systems. For me, Kurt is just that. He was a very anti-order person and professed it. Kurt would have been very interested in the NFT art space. ” Froman says this is because many crypto proponents began using his photo as a profile icon in the spirit of Coburn long before Froman embarked on this project. Can be mentioned.

These NFTs are intentionally not available for purchase on the online marketplace. Instead, a homepage designed by a company called Serotonin (the US company, which claims to be a “marketing company and product studio for innovative technology” was launched nearly a year ago) will be responsible for the collection (Serotonin is technical). I am also involved in the handling and management of this project).

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“I think the ideal experience for any creative work that surprises people is the absolute immersive experience of the creator and the story behind the work,” said Serotonin co-founder. And partner Matthew Isles said. “We thought,’How can we make people feel a direct connection with Kurt, Nirvana, and Jesse (Flowman) beyond?'” The current NFT market. The place has some good candidates, but it’s completely independent and nothing specific to this project. “

© Jesse Frohman

Serotonin and Froman were particular about not treating Coburn like a product in a large virtual warehouse space in the face of the finished collection, which was created to pay homage to the essence of Coburn as an individualist. .. “I didn’t really get involved with or surrounded by the Crypto Punk algorithm-generated 24×24 pixel art image,” says Flowman. “It’s not that there’s a problem with that. I just felt that[this series]would be lost. I thought I couldn’t tell the whole story from the shoot to this announcement. “. Froman wanted more control over how the work was presented and the story was told. He added: “And I thought this one was much more interesting.”

All Photographs © Jesse Frohman
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