MAN WITH A MISSION, Kei Tanaka’s “Barter” appeared in “MUSIC BLOOD” !?

Rock band MAN WITH A MISSION will appear on the NTV music program “MUSIC BLOOD” (every Friday from 23:00), which will be broadcast on the 7th. (From left) Kei Tanaka, MAN WITH A MISSION, Yudai Chiba = Provided by NTV MAN WITH A MISSION, “Nice to meet you, I’m Tanaka.” (Laughs)! ”, Said Yudai Chiba’s usual tsukkomi. When Tanaka said that MAN WITH A MISSION was working on the insert song “Perfect Clarity” for his movie “Hinomaru Soul ~ Behind the Scenes Heroes ~”, he said, “Today I came with Mr. Tanaka’s barter! “Jean Ken Johnny’s remarks are exciting. MAN WITH A MISSION has an artist who is very grateful, and that is TAKUMA, who is the vocalist and guitarist of the rock band “10-FEET”. It is said that his life changed drastically when he met TAKUMA. A live performance will be performed with TAKUMA for the first time on TV. In the live-action performance, in addition to TAKUMA’s powerful and laid-back singing voice, which performs while being illuminated by the cocktail rays, attention is paid to the intense live action that moves around the stage endlessly. Then, the performance of “Perfect Clarity” started while the soft pale lighting colored the stage fantastically. Starting quietly with the organ’s solo performance, the powerful and delicate vocals peculiar to Jean-Ken Johnny are overwhelming.