“Dressing love” Katsuhisa Namase as Yui Natsukawa’s ex-husband Tomoka Kurokawa as a consultant who relies on Ryuhei Maruyama

It was revealed on the 4th that actor Katsuhisa Namase and actress Tomoka Kurokawa will appear in the TBS drama “There is a reason for dressing up love” (every Tuesday from 22:00 to 22:57). Katsuhisa Ikuse (left) as Reiji Kobayashi and Tomoka Kurokawa as Chiharu Funaki In this work, Kurumi Mashiba (Haruna Kawaguchi), a “dressing woman” who has gained her place by dressing up beautifully, pursues simplicity. While living under one roof with people with different values, such as the minimalist man “Shun Fujino (Yokohama Ryusei)”, while falling in love and deepening friendships, “Uchikyun” depicts the appearance of taking off the armor to dress up and living in your own way. “love story. From the first time, the main character, Mashiba’s hard work, wants to support her, and many people sympathize with her words and actions. In addition, the relationship with Shogo (Osamu Mukai), who he admires, and his love with Shun have begun to move, and the “Uchikyun” scene has become a trend every time on Twitter. From the third episode of the broadcast on the 4th, the stories of major characters such as Yoto (Ryuhei Maruyama) and Hase (Anne Nakamura) have begun to move. Katsuhisa Namase, who made a mysterious appearance in the third episode, will play the role of Reiji Kobayashi, the ex-husband of Kako (Yui Natsukawa) from the fourth episode. It seems that Kako has something to do with Reiji, saying, “Don’t say your name.” Such Reiji will continue to appear as a semi-regular. Attention is paid to the change in the relationship between Reiji and Kako, who are a little musicians, and how Reishi is involved in the story. In addition, Tomoka Kurokawa will appear as a guest in the role of Chiharu Funaki, an online counselor of Yoto (Ryuhei Maruyama). Chiharu relies heavily on Yoto and is deep enough to contact him outside the reserved hours. Ikuse and Kurokawa’s comments are as follows. ■ Katsuhisa Namase
This drama is fashionable, stylish, and very cool. The set of the room share house that is the stage is also very nice, and I was surprised to hear that there is a house that actually became a model.
This time, Yui Natsukawa plays the role of Kako’s ex-husband, but since I was with Natsukawa in a movie 12 years ago, it’s the first time I’ve had a relationship with a married couple. The relationship between the two isn’t very good right now, but I think we’ve created a scene where they can interact with each other, and it was fun to play.
There will be many characters with different genders, generations, and professions, so I think it would be good if you could project them into roles that are close to you, or think that there are people like this. I would like you to enjoy it while supporting the characters. ■ Tomoka Kurokawa
I have been co-starring with Ryuhei Maruyama since the stage many years ago, so I was looking forward to going to the scene on the day of shooting. It would be great if you could see how the relationship between the two and the interaction with the people around them was expressed.
The story that runs around Haruna Kawaguchi and Ryusei Yokohama is extremely fashionable and makes your heart gorgeous, and you can see the gentle and independent feelings and actions of the characters, “thinking about yourself and others.” It wraps us up and makes us feel relaxed. The comfort of the music, including the theme song “Mystery” by Gen Hoshino, is the best, and the detailed production of the golden pair of producer Arai and director Tsukahara is just a word of “nice”. I was very happy to be able to appear in this work. Please look forward to future developments. (C) TBS