Job offer: Director in Tokyo with Specialized Group

With at least 6 years relevant experience, you will have a genuine interest in the due diligence space and will possess a good understanding of the local and regional regulatory landscape.

Responsibilities will include the following:

  • End to end client onboarding process
  • Directly facing off to external clients and internal teams
  • Periodic KYC review for low, mid and high-risk clients
  • Prioritizing of cases and escalation where necessary
  • Knowledge of the latest regulatory requirements impacting KYC and Client Onboarding

Due diligence support for new and existing business partners and due diligence-related work (material creation, etc.)

Requirements: Requirements:

  • 6 years’ experience in due diligence, AML operations, KYC, client onboarding and related functions
  • Excellent stakeholder management and communication skills – with internal and external parties
  • Hard working, passionate and ambitious

Required work experience, due diligence work, AML operation, KYC work experience more than 2 years

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