[Judgment is quick!]LOL to my son who calmly analyzes his mother’s “wait a minute”! ―― “I understand w” “We are the same”

What if I want to go home right away but say “I’ll prepare a little, so wait”? How many minutes is that “a little” …? In such a situation, interact with my son who made a calm decision. The manga by Hiko-chan (@YOTUGINOKO) that I drew has become a hot topic. Quick and ruthless judgment of the son of 5th grade (quoted from @YOTUGINOKO) Calculate how much “a little” will take, and explain to the son and mother who decided that it will not be in time as it is! It seems that it was put in. For this post, those who evaluate the speed of the son’s judgment, “I can do it !!” “I’m sorry to my mother, but this is a wise decision w”, and “I’m a little husband It takes 30 minutes. ”“ I’m the type who can be left behind, lol. ” We asked the poster, Hiko-chan, about his son, who made a quick “ruthless judgment” to achieve his goal, and what he was doing at that time. I asked the poster-how did the son explain to the mother who was left behind? I briefly explained that I couldn’t make it in time if I was waiting for my mom! I’ll leave it! I and I rushed out of the house with a dash (laughs) — The speed of judgment is amazing! Is it the type that is calculated calmly from usual? I usually don’t care about the front and back of clothes, and I’m not a very sharp type, but it seems that my ability is suddenly demonstrated when I want to do something or what I’m interested in. It seems that his son’s ability was demonstrated this time as well, probably because he wanted to eat cake! It was an episode that conveys the good friendship of Hiko-chan’s family, where you can feel free to tell what you want to do.Quick and ruthless judgment of the son of 5th grade pic.twitter.com/ifLdmCdhsE— Hiko-chan (@YOTUGINOKO) April 22, 2021