Kaede’s “brilliant jumping smash” played by Yurina Hirate is fascinating! “be moved”

The second episode of the Sunday Theater “Dragon Zakura” (TBS series, every Sunday from 21:00) starring Hiroshi Abe will be broadcast on May 2. The badminton club ace Kaede Iwasaki (Yurina Hirate) was impressed by the game scene (hereinafter, spoilers are included).

This work is based on “Dragon Sakura 2” by Norifusa Mita, which has been serialized in the weekly manga magazine “Morning” (Kodansha) since 2018, and Kenji Sakuragi, a lawyer who plays Abe, is a student to rebuild high school. A story that aims to pass the University of Tokyo. As a sequel to the previous drama broadcast in 2005, the story of the original drama that incorporates the essence of Sunday Theater will be unfolded.

Kaede heard from Teru Seto (Kaito Takahashi / King & Prince) that Sakuragi brought out a video of shoplifting at a convenience store. I’m confused because I don’t understand Sakuragi’s intention.

Then, in the locker of the changing room of the badminton club, there was a sticker saying “Shoplifting woman who knows what you did”. He asks about Sakuragi’s work, but he asks about the tournament and says, “Stop it. You can’t do it.” However, the tournament is an important match where the recommendation of a famous university in badminton is decided. It’s impossible to quit. Kaede murmured to his back, “He’s messed up … my life!”

As Kaede spent his days practicing for the tournament, a fire broke out at the University of Tokyo Senka. The source of the fire was Sakuragi’s tent. Sakuragi admits that it’s a mischief of cigarettes, but Naomi Mizuno (Masami Nagasawa) clearly thinks he’s lying and protecting his students. The next morning, it turned out that two students were seen on the security camera. Mizuno first talks to one of the people in the picture, Seto, but he denies his involvement.

The tournament has finally begun. However, even at the match venue, a “shoplifting woman” poster was affixed. Whose work is it? Kaede concentrates on the doubles game, even though such a thing goes through his head. Despite the pressure, I will move around the court endlessly and decide the jump smash!

The opponent of the second round is a strong school pair. It is a game that the coaches of the university who are watching the game in the audience also pay attention to. Kaede is also in great shape with a nutmeg receive and a counter smash to follow her friends who slipped on the court. However, he is unlucky when the rally continues. Kaede and his pair, who were emptied by the opponent’s feint, got mixed up. There is something wrong with Kaede’s knees here. From there, it lacked vividness, and the coach decided to abstain on the way.

Kaede comes to Sakuragi when she is icing her knees to play in a singles game, and says, “You’re the one who set fire?”

On the net, Kaede’s agile and supple appearance during play made me impressed. There were comments such as “I like Hirate-chan’s acting too much”, “Badminton was cool”, “I was impressed by Hirate-san’s acting”, and “Kaede who jumps and smashes is too cool”.

The next episode 3 will be broadcast on May 9. Finally started studying for the University of Tokyo. Sakuragi teaches how to study using SNS.