Nailed to a beautiful chest … Ikumi, too sexy"Trouble undressing"”I’m not talking anymore” on the shot

Cosplayer Ikumi updated Twitter on the 2nd (Sun). I released a shot of an older sister who is too sexy.

[Photo]Why did that happen?Ikumi’s sexy worries consultation

Ikumi, a cosplayer who is popular not only for her perfect body that looks great in photos, but also for her humorous idea shots.

This time, Ikumi updated Twitter with “What did you want to hear?” It’s a photo that makes you feel like you’re listening to your worries, but in the other photo, the shirt button is off and you can see the beautiful bust, which is too sexy.

On the internet, I can see this gap-filled photo saying, “If I could talk to such a beautiful woman, I wouldn’t have any troubles.” “I can’t talk about it anymore.” “I can’t take my eyes off Ikumi’s chest. Many comments were received, such as “Are you sure?”

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