Nogizaka46 Hina Higuchi ✕ Sakurazaka46, Risa Watanabe, looking back on the “steps of the slope” “There is a shape of the current group that has overcome various things …”

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(From left) Risa Watanabe, Hina Higuchi

◆ Risa Watanabe, what is the existence of your important brother?

Higuchi: When Risa came in, were you a high school student?

Watanabe: I was in the second year of high school.

Higuchi: You’re from Ibaraki, aren’t you? Did you come to Tokyo?

Watanabe: That’s right. I came here and the environment changed drastically. I also transferred to school, so I was thrilled to spend every day. But when I noticed, it’s been 5 years already.

Higuchi: It’s so quick. Are your brothers your brother?

Watanabe: Yes, I have an older brother who is eight years away.

Higuchi: That’s amazing. Are you good friends?

Watanabe: That’s right. You’re on good terms. We go out to various places together.

Higuchi: I envy you. I’m longing for it. Because I have two older sisters. I didn’t have a boy brother, so I really admire going out with my brother and brother.

Watanabe: At all. I also wanted an older sister, so I long for it (on the contrary).

Higuchi: It’s a naimononedari (laughs). Do you talk to your family about Sakurazaka 46’s activities?

Watanabe: I don’t do much. But when I meet my brother, he listens to me, so I’m talking all the time (laughs).

Higuchi: Will your brother give you some advice?

Watanabe: You will. It’s pretty crazy. I think it’s amazing because they often give their opinions objectively and they often hit the mark.

Higuchi: Good. Accept your brother’s opinion obediently. From the time I graduated from high school, I began to listen to the words of my family properly, but when I was a junior high school student or high school student who had just started Nogizaka46’s activities, it was not a rebellious period, but what my mother said I have rebelled one by one. Was there something like a rebellious period?

Watanabe: Yes. I understand that my parents are worried about my work, but I’m honestly tired and come back … “Don’t ask me anymore!” You said, “Don’t talk about work because you’re at home.”

Higuchi: It’s the same. You’ve finally come to accept it obediently.

◆ Hina Higuchi also sympathizes!History of Keyakizaka 46

Higuchi: Risa-chan had tough club activities, didn’t she?

Watanabe: Yes. It was a volleyball club, but it was really tough.

Higuchi: I’m also very strict in junior high school. However, when I started working in the performing arts, I naturally had the experience at that time, so I wasn’t confused there.

Watanabe: Certainly, I’m glad that the club activities at that time were tough. However, even after I started this activity, I’ve never said “I don’t like it all!”

Higuchi: There were a lot of times when I didn’t understand myself, or I was just concerned about the evaluations around me, and I hated myself. Only recently have I become able to love and be recognized for myself, and finally I find my work enjoyable.

Watanabe: But Mr. Nogizaka has been divided into selection and under from the very first time, so I think it’s very frustrating. At first, we were only in the first grade, so I’m thinking that it’s very grateful. Nogizaka-san has also experienced various things, so I think everyone is an adult. I think each person is very professional.

Higuchi: Everyone is happy to hear that. Everyone in Sakurazaka had a lot of hardships, didn’t they? I almost cried at the concert when I changed my name. I think everyone has a lot of different thoughts …

All the performances are strong, and I think that there is a shape of the current group after overcoming various things. Fans who support me will want to support it, really. That’s why each Sakamichi Group has a different color, which is really nice. All the children of Hinatazaka are cute and fresh. Once again, I thought that the slopes were all attractive.

Watanabe: I really think so. I think there are only very good children. Everyone is kind.

Higuchi: I think that’s probably the case with all the children on the slopes.

Watanabe: As a Sakamichi Group, I’m very happy to be able to exist.

Higuchi: I understand. It’s the same with Keyakizaka, and like Sakurazaka’s song this time, I’m trying to superimpose it on myself. In a sense, it has a tune and message that isn’t (very) among idols, isn’t it? Everyone is listening to this.

* * *

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