The movie “Chest Kimi” Hidaka Ukisho is a “special date video” packed with chest-kyun gestures

The “special date video” of the live-action movie “My heart is ringing is your fault” based on Risa Konno has been released. This video, entitled “A Boyfriend’s Feeling! Special Date Video-Hands Touched-“, is based on the copy “It’s because of you,” Ukisho “that makes your heart beat”, Hayato Arima. You can enjoy the feeling of going out on a movie date with Hidaka Ukisho from a first-person perspective. There are plenty of “unexpected chest knuckles” such as the gesture that the floating place picks up the dust on her hair and the gesture that touches her face that turned red due to running. Please enjoy the video that the male photographer who took the picture said “I was thrilled” and “I want to deliver Kyun Kyun to all the fans” and was particular about the floating place. “It’s your fault that my heart beats” is a youth love story centered around Hayato Arima, a transfer student, and Tsukasa Shinohara, who keeps thinking of him even if he gets frustrated. The movie will be released nationwide on June 4th. Movie “My heart is ringing is your fault” June 4, 2021 (Friday) National Road Show Staff Original: Risa Konno “My chest is ringing your fault” (published by Shogakukan “Betsucomi Flower Comics”)
Director: Hiroto Takahashi
Screenplay: Rie Yokota
Music: KYOHEI (Honey L Days)
Production cooperation: Dream Plus
Production Production: Office Crescendo
Distribution: Toei appearance Hidaka Ukisho (Bishonen / Johnny’s Jr.), Sei Shiraishi, Mizuo Itagaki, Nanoka Hara, Hana Kawamura, Tokihide Wakabayashi, Yumena Yanai, Kaito Irie, Rina Asakawa, RED RICE (Shonan no Kaze) ) * Hiroto Takahashi’s high ladder height is the official notation. (c) 2021 Risa Konno / Shogakukan / “It’s your fault that my heart beats” Production Committee