Aoi Morikawa, what is the “strongest member” of the joint party?

Actress Aoi Morikawa will appear on NON STYLE Yusuke Inoe’s YouTube channel “NON STYLE Inoue 365 Non-Style Inoue” on the 1st. As the “strongest members” of the joint party, they announced the names of three people with whom they have a private relationship. Aoi Morikawa In the video “[Entertainer drinking party circumstances]Aoi Morikawa’s gorgeous exchange record! The name that appears is amazing!”, Morikawa was asked “The strongest member” of the joint party. Alice Hirose. It’s fun. It’s insanely interesting. “He continued,” Haruka Shimazaki. Paruru, a good girl. It’s interesting and has a unique view of the world. ” Finally, while mentioning Minami Hamabe’s name, she said with a laugh, “But maybe I can’t communicate with the girls.” Inoue was very excited to the gorgeous members who are thrilling now, saying, “This joint party will be the most fun. I will definitely go. To be honest, I will go even if it costs 200,000 yen.” On the other hand, when he smiled with a worried expression, “What kind of face should I have when I come?”, Morikawa said, “Isn’t Alice really happy? Because she loves fun. Mitan (beach) also At first, you may be surprised, but I think the situation will gradually become more interesting, “he said in a welcome mood. However, “Do you like to have fun? That’s why you talk wow. But the moment you start to argue even a millimeter from there …” continued Inoue, “I think everyone will go home. Go home. “Tell me,” he said with a smile. Morikawa was worried that he would not be able to communicate when Hirose, Shimazaki, and the beach, including himself, gathered, but he laughed mischievously, saying, “I think I can only communicate there.”