“JavaScript” is the number one developer–rapid growth in the “Rust” community–SlashData

According to a survey of the developer community conducted by British research firm SlashData, the programming language with the most developers was “JavaScript”, with 13.8 million developers. Provided by: SlashData
The 20th edition of the report “State of the Developer Nation” released by the company estimates that the number of developers in the world currently active as of the first quarter of 2021 is 24.3 million, which is quite a lot. Will belong to the JavaScript community. The SlashData survey is based on respondents from more than 19,000 developers in 155 countries, and the results are slightly different from other programming language rankings such as GitHub, RedMonk, StackOverflow, and TIOBE. It has become. SlashData conducts this survey twice a year, and a previous survey estimated the size of the JavaScript community to be 12.4 million, including the “TypeScript” and “CoffeeScript” communities. ). The company estimates that the second-largest developer population is Python (10.1 million), and the third is Java (9.4 million). The top three are the same as the rankings of RedMonk, a research firm specializing in software developers. RedMonk rankings are based on GitHub and Stack Overflow data. Following this, the 4th to 6th largest languages ​​in the community were “C / C ++” (7.3 million people), Microsoft’s “C #” (6.5 million people), and PHP (6.3 million people). The company also mentions “Kotlin,” “Swift,” “Go,” “Ruby,” “Objective C,” “Rust,” and “Lua” as other programming languages ​​that have a lot of users. The company estimates that JavaScript developers have increased by 4.5 million since the fourth quarter of 2017, while Python developers have increased by 1.6 million over the past year. According to SlashData, Python has the highest growth rate in a community of over 6 million developers. About 70% of machine learning developers and data scientists use Python. This is probably due to Python’s powerful machine learning libraries such as Google’s TensorFlow, Facebook’s PyTorch, and NumPy. However, Python also seems to be widely used for back-end system automation. “By comparison, only 17% of developers are using’R’, another language associated with data science,” SlashData said. The company also cited Rust and Lua as the fastest growing languages ​​in the last 12 months, although the absolute size of the community was smaller than Python. In February, an independent foundation for Rust, the Rust Foundation, was established. It is supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google and others as members.