Rio Asumi will play the role of Mozart, a woman raised as a man! The role of a man in the Takarazuka era is “no conflict”

It was revealed on the 5th that actress Rio Asumi will star in the musical “Mademoiselle Mozart”. Musical “Mademoiselle Mozart” This is a musical based on the comic of the same name by Yoji Fukuyama. With the setting that “Mozart was actually a woman,” Mozart, who was blessed with the talent of music given by heaven and was always full of joy, struggled to be raised as a man while loving his father, falsely married. While worried about his relationship with his wife and his true self, he decides to live with music and dramatically depicts his life ending with music. It is a masterpiece representing the music theater that has been leading the Japanese original musical, and it was premiered in 1991 and has been performed many times. Not only Mozart’s songs are used, but also Tetsuya Komuro’s music is a big topic. This year, 30 years after its premiere, a new “Mademoiselle Mozart” was born by Toho Production. Tomorrow, Umi will play Mozart, who was born as a woman and raised as a man to utilize her musical talent. After serving as a top star in the Takarazuka Revue, tomorrow’s sea will appear one after another in topical works such as the serial TV novel “Ochoyan”, the drama “Ao no SP-School Police Ryuhei Shimada-” and “Conte begins”. However, he challenges the first original musical after leaving the group. The role of Sarieri, who is attracted while looking at Mozart as an enemy, is a talented musical actor, Motoki Saku, who appears one after another in topical works and attracts the audience with a certain singing ability and a beautiful standing figure, an actor, a theater manager, a scriptwriter, etc. Keita Furuya of Lead, who has been active not only in musical activities but also in a wide range of stages in recent years, has been decided to play the role of Mozart’s friend, Sikaneder, who has various aspects. The performance will be from October 10th to 31st at Tokyo Tatemono Brillia Hall.

Rio Asumi comment tomorrow

I was very interested in the music theater work last year when I learned that it flew to the Shabontama Toda Universe (Sora), so I am glad to hear from you. In this work, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart plays Eliza, who was raised as a man. In my case, during the Takarazuka era, I liked to play the role of a man without any conflict, so it may be a little different if that experience is put to good use, but Eliza is the first to wear a dress. I’m looking forward to seeing the embarrassment of wrapping and the scenery that I see when I’m treated as a woman, I’m sure that it will be performed in a more realistic way than anyone else.
In addition to this work, Mozart has various ways of drawing in musicals. I hope to bring him and the music he devoted his soul to, the characters he and each character, and the pure yet spectacular relationship in the song and in the play. For me, it seems that there will be a lot of challenges, but please look forward to it.